Offer Gift Cards To Increase Holiday Sales
With holidays just around the corner, gifts are on everyone’s mind. However, some people are easier to shop for then others. Gift cards or even e-gift cards are a great choice for many buyers because they simply have to choose how much to spend on a gift.

There are two forms of gift cards
The physical card you can send via mail or an electronic (e-gift card) that is sent via email. Having both options on your ecommerce website is great, but an e-gift card is more cost effective and easier to create. All you have to do is set it up!

Set up your ecommerce store to sell gift cards in advance
Start early, have your systems in place for offering gift cards before the holiday rush begins. Create four cards:

  • $25
  • $50
  • $75
  • $100

If you sell higher priced items, then adjust the values. Keep in mind not to offer too many choices; you want this to be simple for your customers.

Shopify ecommerce store owners
Follow this Shopify gift guide article to learn how to set up and manage your gift cards for your store.

Volusion ecommerce store owners
Volusion for some reason still refers to their gift cards as gift certificates. For us there’s no difference between the two, it’s just the way they decided to call it. Your Volusion store already comes preset with a product code GFT for gift certificates. To adjust any configuration see their gift certificate article for details.

Gift cards tend to be a last-minute gift idea for those that procrastinate or haven’t found a gift for that special someone. Start promoting your gift cards as much as possible. Here are 3 ways to get you started:

1. Make your gift cards stand out
Place your gift cards in a prominent place on your website. Make them an attention grabber so busy shoppers won’t overlook them. Also, add gift cards under a category or a gifts subcategory on your navigation bar.

2. Include gift cards in your enewsletter
Announce your gift cards in your enewsletter. Draw attention by creating a Top 10 Gifts list and include gift cards as one of the choices. Promote in every enewsletter leading up to the holidays.

3. Use social media to draw more attention to the gift cards
Use Facebook to announce that your store now offers gift cards. Send out daily tweets (between other valuable tweets of course) mentioning your gift cards. In any social media channel give your followers another reason for purchasing gift cards, set up a special social media promotion offering a discount when purchasing $75 or more.

Don’t wait get started now. I created gift card graphics for you to use in your online store. Each of these designs comes with $25, $50, $75, $100 and a blank. Add your logo or use as is. These graphics are to be used for ecommerce stores only as suggested above. These graphics are NOT for resale. If you’re a blogger and want to offer these on your blog for others do download, you must include a link back to this article.


Holiday gift card 1 Each design includes all 5 styles
Holiday gift card 2 Holiday gift card 3

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