Are Homepage Slideshows Effective?
I’m sure you’ve seen them on many websites: slideshows, sliders, carousels; they’ve been called all sorts of things. These are big, beautiful images that rotate photos or ads on a homepage. They originally were created for the purpose of fitting more information in a small amount of space. For an online store each slide would typically show a different featured product or a promotion that was going on at a time. It seems like a great idea at first because everyone is doing it.

Do your visitors see all the slides in the slideshow?
Well, lets take a look at this from a practical angle. Homepage slideshows range from 3-5 slides and each slide stays on screen about 3 seconds. When a fist-time visitor enters your website, it takes them about 7 seconds to make a decision on where to click next. So, think about it, if your slideshow is automatic, most of your website visitors won’t see anything past the second slide. Even if your slideshow requires your visitors to manually click on the slider to see the next slide, most of them won’t take the time to do that.

Are you wasting money with a slideshow?
If you’re thinking creating a slideshow gives your business more opportunity to promote more to your customer, then you’re actually being counterproductive. As we reviewed above that most of the website visitors will not get past the second slide then all that time and money spent on creating slides 3, 4, and 5 is wasted. You’re not only wasting your time gathering content for the slides, but you’re also wasting money paying your designer creating all the slides.

What can be placed instead the slideshow?
In a slideshow the majority of your visitors will click on the first slide. So, think about what’s the one most important product or promotion that you want to feature and put all your time and money in focusing on that. This will server better for your website visitors and your business too.

Still loving all the glitz and glamour of a homepage slideshow?
If you’re using Volusion as the backbone of your online store, then take a look at their latest homepage slideshow feature. Multiple slides or just a featured image, there are many options for you to play with.


I hope you find this information helpful, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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